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Since 2007 Ace Janitor Service Inc. has been providing quality Vinyl Floor Care Services within the West Palm Beach FL. area. Although vinyl is not used very much these days for commercial flooring, those businesses that have vinyl know that it is important to keep these floors looking good. Most Vinyl Floor Care companies near you have not been professional commercial cleaners as long as we have. Not only have we been cleaning, stripping and waxing and polishing vinyl tiled floors as part of our commercial office cleaning and medical office cleaning services since 2007, but we have achieved 100% customer satisfaction in that time. Your office cleaning lady may not have the necessary equipment to provide complete Vinyl Floor Care services as a part of general office cleaning like we do. To maintain vinyl floors you need swing machines to strip the floors and high rpm burnishing machines to buff and polish vinyl flooring. There are those companies in our Palm Beach county area that only use a mop to strip the old finish off of vinyl floors. That technique leaves behind patches of old finish that can be seen after the new finish is applied. Ace Janitor Service Inc can provide your office, professional Vinyl Floor Care cleaning on any schedule you need at affordable rates. Not all commercial Vinyl Floor Care companies are the same. Moving furniture to refinish the entire vinyl floor area is important and we do that for you. Getting into the corners and right up to the baseboards without damaging the baseboards is also important, that is why our technicians are certified so they do the job right the first time.

Vinyl Tile (VCT) Floor Care

  • Strip and Wax

  • Burnish

  • Scrub and Recoat

  • Polishing

Vinyl floors can take a beating over time. Allow our professionals to strip away and remove the old finish from your floors and then re-apply new gloss finish to bring the luster back to your vinyl floors.

Sometimes Vinyl Floors need to be maintained between a complete strip and wax by just scrubbing away a layer or two of finish and then re-coating the floor with a new coat of gloss finish. This will extend the life of your finish without the full cost of a complete strip and wax.

Depending on the amount of wear on your floors, we can also maintain that shine by machine buffing on any schedule that you require.

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